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We combine expertise in User Experience, Responsive Web Design, CMS and E-Commerce websites. We have been around since 2005, and on the web that is an eternity. We love building websites, but we're passionate about creating solutions. We don't have a magic wand, but we do have the necessary skill-set to deliver quality work. We have a high standard of quality and we love what we do.


Clean, Semantic and well optimized human coded HTML5

  1. Flat Pricing, No hidden secrets.
  2. jQuery plugins are included.
  3. Compatible with iPhone/iPad
  4. Latest HTML5 Web Standards.
  5. One page HTML5 takes 8 to 10 working hours!
Home Page
$50 each sub page


Web Content Management System for Small to Medium sized businesses

  1. Simple Pricing, No hidden secrets.
  2. Fully Managed CMS.
  3. Compatible with iPhone/iPad
  4. Latest HTML5 Web Standards.
Single Website License
10% off on Additional License(s)


A customized checkout experience

  1. Simple Pricing, No hidden secrets.
  2. Fully Managed Shopping Store.
  3. Compatible with iPhone/iPad
  4. Latest HTML5 Web Standards.
Single Website License
10% off on Additional License(s)

Meet The Team

that does all the magic for you!

Narinder Kaur/Team Manager

She focuses on holding down the project timelines, leads SEO workflow and PPC campaigns for clients. She is very strong in statistics & analytics; and she is the one who hands us that "little magical piece of paper" every month!

Gurinder Singh/Project Manager

He founded Zanetine in 2003 and have been building web applications for zanetine and even before then. He is full-stack developer but specialize in sweating the details to help bring great user interfaces to life.

Sahib Singh/Team Lead

He is the longest serving member of our team, a talented user-interface designer and front end developer with a terrific sense of design. In his vacant time he designs beautiful wallpapers and submit them to Smashing Magazine's Monthly calendar section.

Daljit Singh/Web Programmer

He is the guy who works with full motivation, dedication and endless spirit. He has the real passion to develop web applications that serves millions of people around the world. He believes to be a man of value rather than a man of success.

Manish Kumar/Web Developer

Manish has a fascination for intuitive designs and up-coming technology. He enjoys building beautiful design and user-interface led websites. In his spare time, He likes to watch cricket games and WWE matches.

Mohit Puri/Web Developer

Programming lover who has completed his engineering in computer science. Loves to listen music while writing readable and optimized code. He converts design into HTML keeping the user experience at upmost level.

Jasmeer Kaur/SEO Specialist

Jasmeer has become well versed in SEO techniques working on various Pay per Click campaigns, building links and optimising websites to improve lead generation and organic search listings. She is Google Analytics Qualified and loves to analyse all the analytics data she collects for clients.

Rajdeep Kaur/Web Developer

PostGraduate in Computer Applications, she believes in writing semantically correct and beautifull code. And yet honing her skill to master the art of psd slicing, Sometimes she get her hands into jQuery as well.

Manbir Singh/Web Developer

Equipped with a Masters degree in computer applications, he is a quick learner regarding new web technologies. He changes a beautiful design to a fantastic code that search engines would be fond of, and different browsers have to display the same output.

Atinder Singh/Upcoming Developer

Well, he will join us in a few years after completing his formal education.

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