2013 New Year Wallpapers

We have designed some New Year’s Wallpapers.

10 Creative Business Cards

Here’s a showcase of 10 Most Creative Business Cards Designs to inspire you.

5 Tips to get results on Facebook

There are a few proven-successful Facebook gimmicks that can build on the foundation created by your hard work. So instead of searching for new ways (that don’t exist) to trick the Facebook public, instead use the results-oriented gimmicks that h

Windows 8 Versions Explained

Windows 8 (yes, just Windows 8) is the home version for x86 Intel and AMD PCs. The features you do and don’t get mostly make sense; joining a domain, encrypting your disk with BitLocker and being able to log into your PC remotely are business fea

Apple unveils new 7.9-inch iPad Mini starting at $329

Apple unveiled its much-anticipated iPad mini, along with revamped laptop and desktop computers, taking on Amazon and Google in the market for smaller tablets that can be held in one hand. The new 7.9-inch screen iPad mini starts at $329 (base model).<

One extra data field cost $12 Million a year on Expedia

Expedia analysts realised the site needed to be changed after investigating why many customers who clicked the ‘Buy Now’ button on the company’s site did not complete the transaction.

Google is Top Earner in US Online Advertising

According to a latest report by market research firm eMarketer, Google Inc is not only the major search giant but also the biggest earner in the US online display ads.

Google's L4 Floor in its London office

The fourth floor of the search giant’s London headquarters in Victoria, called L4 – is one of the trendiest in the world.

iPhone 5 Launched with A6 Chip and a Bigger Screen

This smartphone comes with Apple’s latest “A6″ processor, which runs twice as fast as the previous generation.

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