5 Online Services to work like a Pro

New web technologies ensure that you’re only a broadband connection away from your data. In fact, you can continue delivering on your professional commitments even if you don’t have access to your work PC or laptop. All you need is a free account on a few web services.


Your Google ID gets you 5GB of free online storage and works with all of Google’s web apps, but if you need more space (and who doesn’t), you can consider a few other similar services, each with its own set of features. Microsoft’s SkyDrive gives you 7GB, the most initial free space; Box gives you 5GB with real time updates when collaborating with colleagues on shared files; and with Dropbox, you get 2GB space, but it has a neat referral system where for every friend who joins Dropbox, you both get 500MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 16GB).

skydrive.live.com, www.box.com, www.dropbox.com


The Google Suite aside, rollApp is a one-stop destination for all your office productivity needs. Create a free account, and this software-on-demand service allows you to access your files from online storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. You can select between its OpenOffice or LibreOffice Productivity suites to edit your word documents in Writer, work on spreadsheets in Calc, create presentation on Impress, or produce diagrams and drawing in Draw. The best part is that OpenOffice and LibreOffice have a user interface that’s almost similar to the old MS Office, so most users will be able to work seamlessly right from the beginning.

Besides, rollApp also gives you access to Inkscape (a vector graphic software) and Scribus (for page-making and publishing), as well as games such as Mahjongg and Mines.



No Presentation or documentation can ever be complete without bar graphs and pie charts. But not all of us are equipped to handle graphic software to create these. Well, Chart Go to the rescue. All you have to do is head over to the site, pick the type of chart you want – you can choose between Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart or Area chart; whether 2D or 3D – paste your data, and click the create button. Voila, your chart is ready to download, mailed to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Live Mail, or even be shared on Facebook and Twitter.



Sumo Paint, like any advanced photo editor, comes complete with the layers option, graphic filters, as well as a complete tool-set, which includes regulars such as a stamp-clone, eraser, magic-wand, gradient-fill, etc. In fact, its features are almost as comprehensive as paid software such as Photoshop. This web app allows you to open image files from your computer or web, edit, and then save them on your PC. A free account will give you access to basic online features, while a paid account will get you a lifetime licence as well as 35+ Professional-grade filters and tools. And if you opt for a lifetime licence, you also get a desktop app for offline use.



PDFs have become an integral part of our work day, whether it’s subscription newsletters, online manuals, or whitepapers. But every now and then, we might need to do a bit more than just read PDFs. For those times, you can try out PDF Escape. This online tool lets you annotate PDF documents, create new PDF forms, edit PDFs, fill out PDF forma, password-protect PDF content, share and even print PDF files.


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