Retreat: The Shimla Tour

Day One, Friday: First day of our tour, Traveling from Amritsar to Chandigarh. First stoppage at Haveli (Near Jalandhar).

Finally, we reached our destination Shimla (Queen of Hills) around 3:00 PM. Rushed to our hotel, everyone F5 (refreshed) out, after that real fun started. Weather was good to go out.

Ladies went to shopping…

…and we had nothing to do except watching them.

Dinner was good and we returned to hotel. Half of team members decided to rest in the hotel, and rest of us went outside to enjoy chilling weather at night with steaming hot coffee in the hand. It was unforgettable walk at night.

Day Two, Saturday: Morning walk at 6:30 AM, Panorama View of The Famous Ridge Ground. Our Team at extreme left corner.

We had breakfast “Aloo Prantha” and “Tea” at Tripti Restaurant located on Mall Road, Indian families prefer leisurely meal served by friendly waitstaff in spacious confines.
After a heavy breakfast, it was real challenge to visit The Jakhu Temple. It is located at very steep height, Jakhu hill is highest point of Shimla. At the top of the Hill, is an old temple of Lord Hanuman, which is also the home of countless playful monkeys waiting to be fed by all visitors. A 108 feet (33 metre) statue of Lord Hanuman, a Hindu deity, at 8,500 feet (2,591 metres) above sea level, is single statue to stand at the highest altitude among several other master pieces in the world, overtaking the Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Ridge road is a large open space, located in the heart of Shimla. The Ridge is a famous place for the various government functions and fairs that are held there. The most famous Summer festival is also held at Ridge.

We returned to hotel to celebrate ‘Stock Circles’ launching. This is the only cake we could arrange in busy weekend at Shimla. It was great fun time at hotel.

Stock Circles cake followed by evening snacks, we had delicious Samosa, Chat, Panipuri, Pav Bhaji etc. (mouth watering).

Time for Dinner at Tripti Restaurant. It was the best Restaurant in our tour, Gulab Jamuns were so tasty and Saunf milk was amazing.

Day Three, Sunday: A morning at Ridge.

We went to Kalibari Temple and Indian Institute of Advanced Study.

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