Best Practices for Ecommerce

Gurinder Singh • January 15, 2022


Best Practices for Ecommerce

The goal of the new guide is show how to make your products visible not just in Google Search but through any of Google’s search products that surfaces products for shoppers.

  1. Where ecommerce content can appear on Google
  2. Share your product data with Google
  3. Include structured data relevant to ecommerce
  4. How to launch a new ecommerce website
  5. Designing a URL structure for ecommerce sites
  6. Help Google understand your ecommerce site structure
  7. Pagination, incremental page loading, and their impact on Google Search

Google added a new section of their developer pages focused on best practices for ecommerce websites. The new pages are aimed at developers but are equally useful to any ecommerce site publisher that sells products online.

Where Ecommerce Content Can Appear on Google

Google has multiple surfaces where your ecommerce content can appear, such as in search results and on Google Maps. Providing the right content on the appropriate Google surface can help you reach new potential customers.

Google lists six important surfaces:

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Images
  3. Google Lens
  4. Google Shopping tab
  5. Google My Business
  6. Google Maps

According to Google:

Google tries to find the best content on your site by analyzing the relationship between pages based on their linkages.