10 Most Creative Resume Designs

Guilherme Twardowski

Digital Designer from Brazil has created book-style CV that showcases his work portfolio also. Click on the image and you will find all pages of his CV cum portfolio.

Carlos Bedoya

A perfect blend of elegancy and dark themed color that has been used by Carlos to design his resume. We have only one word to say : Fantastic!

Dario Raijman

Inspired from flat design, this resume design a just a beautiful piece of work designed by Dario Raijman from Germany. This resume design is responsive and is used for both print and online purpose.


Valerie Motard

4-fold brochure resume designed by Valerie from Canada is a perfect example of creative resume design.


Sabrae Precure

This one is great resume-portfolio package designed by Sabrae. The cover shows beautiful hand-illustrated “S” word that is just wonderful.


Katie Pearson

This a personal identity package that included resume mailer, letter size resume and a business card. We loved the colors used by the designer to show her name.


Kamila Figura

A very unique die-cut, tri-fold resume designed by Kamila from Poland that shows how creative she is. Elegant use of logo and brand colors make this resume design outstanding.


Anton Yermolov

One more designer from UK created this beautiful resume that talks about his skills, work experience, education and personal experience. One thing that we love about the resume design was use of custom icons and avatar that is really cool.


Syril Bobadilla

Who says that resume are boring and dull, check out this creative resume designed by Syril from Philippines using various colors and effective typography that makes it visually appealing.


Gaël Jaffrezic

Designer from France created his own resume and personal branding that showcases all his skills in a minimal and flat style design. Perfect for those who want to show their skills in detail.

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