5 Tips to get results on Facebook

There are a few proven-successful Facebook gimmicks that can build on the foundation created by your hard work. So instead of searching for new ways (that don’t exist) to trick the Facebook public, instead use the results-oriented gimmicks that have been successful time and time again.

Digital Discounts

People like exclusivity. Create an exclusive deal for your social network/page’s members. Members-only deals get attention and at the same time act as a reward for your users. To create a Facebook-style member’s only deal you need to create a Facebook-fan-only deal solely for your page’s Facebook fans.

Referral Program

A referral program is a great way to quickly expand your network and drive integration with your current fans. A referral program is a gimmick in which people get something for referring your page/product/application to their friends. Your referral reward can be access to deals and discounts, free credits etc. Remember though, the better the reward the more they will market on your behalf.

Contest or Sweepstakes

People love contests (and sweepstakes). We love them because we love winning. We also love getting something for nothing. Facebook contests and sweepstakes are proving one of the most successful Facebook gimmicks around–and are guilt-free for the creator.The difference between a sweepstakes and a contest is that a contest will drive integration as they are generally based on user participation in a campaign like a photo contest. Sweepstakes on the other hand drive network expansion as they generally require people to market you/your services/your page to their network in order to be eligible to win the prize.

Reward your Network’s Social Butterflies

Every social network has highly-integrated users who have a lot of pull with others. You need to use your social metrics tool, or a tool like Klout, to identify your top users and reward them. The reward should be personal and exceptional, think free services or an incredibly steep discount along with a personal note thanking them.

Add an Application with a Forced Invite 

Apps are all the rage, just look at the success of Farmville and Angry Bird. Create an application that in order to use forces the public into the desired effect you are looking for, for example they may have to sign up 5 friends, or submit their email address (for email marketing purposes), or ‘Like’ your page, etc. The forced activity you include will drive your intended result: if they invite 5 friends you grow your network breadth, if they ‘Like’ your page then you can drive participation and integration.

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