Do not judge others without knowing truth

Very often we judge others, and find fault with them. We say that they are proud, lazy, bad and rude. Sometimes we don’t talk to our friends because we think that they have done or said something against us.

Many times we do not know the real facts and judge others from only what we may see or hear. This can do great harm and even spoil a friendship.

Joseph grew up in a very poor family. His parents died when he was young. He left all alone, Joseph ran away from his village in tattered clothes and wandered in the jungle. He lived on wild fruits and lived a hard life. One night while lying under a tree, Joseph heard a cry, Running out to see what it was, he found the young man was crying in pain. Coming near, he found the young man bleeding, Joseph understood that the man had fallen from a horse and had been dragged along for sometime. He ran and fetched water. After making him drink.

Joseph washed the man’s face, hands and wounds. Throughout the night kept awake and looked after the injured man. In the morning Joseph planned to go to the village for help. Being very tired, he too fell asleep beside the young  man.

Throughout the night a group of soldiers were searching the jungle for the young man, who was actually a Prince. They found their prince. They found Joseph sleeping next to the prince. They thought that Joseph was a robber who had tried to kill their Prince. Before carrying away the Prince who was still unconscious, they killed Joseph.

We may punish others through our own judgements. In this way we do a lot of harm, by misjudging another, we spoil our own happiness and that of others too.

Moral: No one should be judged without knowing all the facts correctly.

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