Google's L4 Floor in its London office

The fourth floor of the search giant’s London headquarters in Victoria, called L4 – is one of the trendiest in the world.

Meeting rooms feature strange angular sofas, the corridors look like the inside of the starship Enterprise and the workers can play pool and video games during their breaks.

There is a ‘coffee lab’ serving 19 different blends and four free restaurants – including a tapas and sushi bar.

There’s also a gym, sound-proofed music room with drums and guitars and a games room with a pool table, video consoles and a giant Samsung TV.

One of the ultra trendy meeting rooms in the London office.

A Google worker hoping for inspiration.

Cushions are all-important at Google.

Google workers are treated to a pool table and games consoles.

The Coffee Lab serves 19 blends.

It’s an office, but not as we know it: Google’s corridors look very futuristic.

For bigger team talks bosses can use this state-of-the-art suite.

The office is designed to be completely stress free.

Workers can always tune out with a pair of headphones if they’re being distracted.

Unconventional seating is a must at Google.

Workers can even write ideas down on white boards in the corridors.

Programmers are encouraged to play with toys.

Perhaps Google Googled ‘trendy office’ for inspiration.

Hi-tech video conferencing is a cinch at L4.

Two workers admire their new super-clean office environment.

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