IBM’s Latest Powerful Mainframe Computer (zEnterprise EC12)

IBM announced the launch of zEnterprise EC12 mainframe server, which is so far the most powerful and technologically advanced computer by the firm.

IBM stated that its latest innovation is designed to assist clients to safely and quickly filter huge amounts of data, which aims to meet the demands of retail and other clients in the age of “Big Data.”

zEnterprise EC12 mainframe server marks to be the fastest chip in the work, which will run at 5.5 GHz. Its processing speed is 25 percent faster than its predecessors.

The mainframe models are usually used by corporate clients from banks to chain stores. IBM says this new model could be used by retailers to handle online transactions and examine clients’ buying habits and then use the information to create a “more customized shopping experience,” such as a custom coupon issued during a transaction.

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