Secret of Success

Everybody wants to be successful because success brings happiness and satisfaction. But many do not gain success because they give up when difficulties come along or lose courage when they fail. They forgot to try harden and often don’t try again success comes to those who not only work hard, but to those who never give up, come what may.

There was a king in Scotland called Robert Bruce. Having lost the battle against his enemies, he ran away from his kingdom. One night, when hiding in a cave, Bruce noticed a spider hanging from its web while trying to jump from one side of the wall to the other. He tried several times without success. The King observed the insect very carefully. The spider was not discouraged and did not give up, but kept on trying until is reached the other side.

Inspired by the spider, King Bruce now left ashamed of having run away from his enemies and giving up the fight. With greater courage, he want back to his kingdom, collect her army and fought back his enemies. This time he was successful. He defeated his foes and regained his Kingdom.

God helps those who not only do their best, but those who continue trying. The secret of success is hard work, courage to persist and never to say “DIE”

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