Tables are not evil

There are many reasons to use CSS and not tables for layout. But, Tables are only evil for layout. Tables have their place among all the other HTML elements. Tables existed in HTML for one reason: To display tabular data. But then border=”0″ made it possible for designers to have a grid upon which to layout images and text.

You probably have a good use for a table if you can figure out where to place the following table elements:,,,, and. Also, there is the “summary” table attribute that you should be able to use. (“summary” attribute is now obsolete in HTML5.)

So, where to use tables in markup?

  • HTML tables should only be used to display data in tabular form.
  • HTML tables should only be used where the data describe a number of objects that have the same properties.
  • Don’t use tables for layout because:
    1. It is semantically incorrect, and:
    2. Tables are less flexible than divs.
  • HTML email marketing.

Here is, list of some useful resources and showcases that are showing some excellence use of tables in markup and where and how to use tables in your markup?

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