Test of True Friendship

We all like to have friends because friends give joy and happiness. It is very important to have good and sincere friends. Good friends are those who love us and help us when we are in need. They share our joys and our sorrows. They visit us when we are sick. They try to comfort us when we are sad. Our good friends don’t run away when we are in trouble or in need. Bad friends are selfish and greedy. They want our money and our help. Their love is not sincere. They run away when we turn to them in our need.

Ram the son of a rich businessman and Hari a poor farmer’s son were great friends. They belonged to the same village and went to the same school. Ram would help Hari in many ways. He bought books for him and often gave Hari his own tiffin. One day they went for a walk into the nearby forest. While walking through the bushes, they heard the growl of a wild animal. Ram was afraid and held on to Hari’s arm tightly Hari saw a bear rushing towards them. Ram had not seen it. Pushing Ram away and without warning him about the bear, Hari Climbed on to a tree to save himself. Ram was left alone and the bear rushed towards him. Remembering a story he had read, Ram lay down quickly and held his breath. The bear came near him and sniffed. Taking him for dead, the bear walking away After some time Hari came down from the tree to ask Ram what the bear had done to him. Ram replied that the bear advised him to keep away from selfish friends. Hari was not sincere friend. True and sincere friends are few. If we want sincere and good friends, we also must be sincere and good, Sincerity is the test of true friendship.

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