Track Your MSN adCenter PPC Campaigns in Google Analytics

Whenever you run a PPC Ad Campaign, it is important that you track and optimize its business value. For Google Adwords, it is easy to use the automatically tagged URLs to track your campaigns in Google Analytics. But for MSN adcenter, you will need to create your own custom tagged URLs for each landing page.

How To Track Your MSN adCenter PPC Campaigns:

  • Campaign Source: bing
  • Campaign Medium: cpc
  • Campaign Term: {QueryString} (this is a custom tag that Microsoft Adcenter supports for tracking keywords)
  • Campaign Content: {AdID} (this is another custom tag unique to Adcenter for individual ad tracking)
  • Campaign Name: {OrderItemID} (this imports your Ad Group ID from Microsoft Adcenter or choose a custom campaign name)

Your url should be like this one:


Now, login into your Microsoft Adcenter account and ad this custom URL to each individual ad as the landing page URL.

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